Solicitors in Kingston Upon Thames

We have experience and expertise in disputes about wills.

We frequently represent clients under a no win no fee agreement in will disputes. Most of our clients are recommended to us by other solicitors or charities. If you approach us to take on your inheritance dispute or to contest a will please understand that we are only able to take on a small fraction of cases that are referred to us. 

We are most likely to agree to take on your case if the value of the estate is greater than £1,000,000 or your case raises complex, challenging and important legal issues. When we take on a case, our preference is to a agree a "no win, no fee" will dispute agreement. However, "no win, no fee" agreements are not always appropriate in will disputes and this is something that will need to be discussed and agreed at the outset.

There are a wide variety of will dispute cases where we might be able to help.

You might be concerned that you were unfairly left out of a will. Or you might be worried that a close relative was pressurised into making a will or did not have mental capacity to make a will.

Whatever your concern about a will, please give us a call so that we can discuss whether you might have a case and if the case can be funded by a no win no fee agreement.

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